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Sept 2015

Team: IC-Hackers
Winner of the Hackatrain 2015 by By Whyte, NS (Dutch Railways) and Ordina.
Team IC-Hackers competed against 15 other teams of IT students and young professionals for the most innovative idea to optimise the travel planner app of NS (Dutch Railaways).
Pitched and presented an allround business proposal and app development instruction to the jury consisting of IT consultants, marketeers and app developers of the NS and Ordina.

The Hackatrain
Hackatrain is the first national hackathon on a train in the Netherlands. Students and young professionals compete with each other in teams to deliver the most innovative solution to make the ’NS Reisplanner’ app of the Dutch Railways better. While travelling in the train from Amsterdam to Berlin Hackatrain provides the opportunity for tech talents, entrepreneurs and designers to work together for a high speed hack.

Idea: NS op Maat app
In order to maximise the travel experience of travellers using the NS travel planner app we came up with an idea to implement a function in the format: if..(trigger), then..(action). The NS op Maat op allows travellers to make their own recipes according to their own wishes. Examples are: ‘if crossing borders then shut down data roaming’ or ‘if sitting in silence area then mute telephone’. Through Big Data the app can optimise itself and get detailed information of the way people (or a population) travel(s). The NS op Maat app let’s the user be in control, is scalable, is easy to implement and requires no big investment.

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