24Hr Business Game 2015

Project Details

24Hr Business Game 2015


ECE 24 Hour Business Game

May 2015

Team: Cofoundme
Winner of the 24HBG 2015 by Erasmus Centre of Entrepreneurship.
Team Cofoundme competed against 17 other teams for 24 hours for the best business plan in the 24HBG event.
Presented a business proposal of a new startup idea to a series of investors, corporate recruiters and established industry experts at the end of the event.

Won a prize of €7500 worth of:
– 1-year free working space at Rotterdam science tower
– Access to ECE’s “Get Started” program
– 3 months subscription to Equidam
– Consulting from Symbid on crowdfunding
– Plane tickets to any location sponsored by Turkish Airlines

24HBG Event
The 24HBG is a nation wide competition where students can pitch their startup idea in front of investors and established industry experts. The event consists of a 24-hour marathon where students need to build a solid businessplan and an investors presentation for their new startup.

Idea: Cofoundme
Cofoundme is a platform where students can find their cofounder for their startups.
A common problem is that a lot of business students have a startup idea but don’t know how to build a website or an app. On the other hand students of technical universities have the technical skills but aren’t that business savvy. Cofoundme serves as a platform where the skills of students are matched with other students’ ideas. Cofoundme is already active in Switzerland and is planning to expand to the rest of Europe with The Netherlands up next.

24HBG Certificate Cofoundme website